Wal-Mart Marketplace RESTful API

The Walmart Marketplace REST API allows you to manage offers to be published in Marketplace.
Since the API is based on REST principles, it’s lightly simple to write and test the application.
You can use your browser to access the URLs or SandBox. Another way to access the API is through a HTTP client in any programming language.


All referenced URLs in this document use authentication.
The authentication method used is HTTP Basic Access Authentication. This means that your credentials will be required for all requests.
Sessions aren't used in requests.
For more information about HTTP Basic Access Authentication, please visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_authentication.

Response Code Definition - HTTP / 1.1

For all successful requests the returned HTTP code must be 200.
If something goes wrong, other HTTP error code must be returned.
The API uses the standard HTTP return code / 1.1 defined by RFC 2616.